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House of Blues!

Guitar Chicago does a twice-a-year-or-so show at the House of Blues in Chicago. Good stuff. It’s a Bowie song. Moonage Daydream. That is all.

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Old Video; Still Makes Me Laugh

To the best of my knowledge, Endeca does not sell power whisks at this time :).

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For the Edge

Well, thanks to the always informative Carter Alan at WZLX in Boston, I was reminded that the guitarist from U2, The Edge, turned 50 yesterday. Congrats to him! In his honor, and frankly because I am always looking for an … Continue reading

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Guitar Slide

I recently picked up a glass guitar slide and have been playing around with it. I worked through the intro to STP’s Interstate Love Song with my guitar teacher, which was fun and not too taxing. Now I need to … Continue reading

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Jack Johnson – Good People (via Guitar Pot)

I just stumbled across this lesson and even before I finished watching it I thought I would reblog it here. I haven’t found a lot of guitar videos that did a good job pairing good quality video shots with good … Continue reading

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HONK! is coming!

For the past few years, we have spent our Columbus Day weekends partying at HONK! with “Activist Street Bands”. Basically, that means that there are some funktastic musicians that put on awesome shows all weekend through Davis Square in Somerville. … Continue reading

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Tsukiji Auction Reopens?

Back in January I took my first trip to Asia where I visited Taiwan and Japan. In Tokyo, we visited the Tsukiji fish market, which is world-famous for both the sheer size of the inner and outer markets and for … Continue reading

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Ode to a Keyboard

At some point in college I started having pain in my hands and wrists that seemed to be a direct result of the time that I spent typing. It didn’t cause major hardship and I was able to complete my … Continue reading

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Mysterious Eclipse start-up error

I occasionally run into an issue with eclipse that is totally bizarre. Nine times out of ten, it’s completely opaque and even challenging to use the web to track down someone who articulates the problem in the same way. Luckily … Continue reading

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Airline “Feature Request”

One of the things that I like least about traveling is the uncertainty that seems to come standard with any flight. Consider, for example, that your flight may be delayed or cancelled for reasons as varied as weather, crew MIA, … Continue reading

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