Guitar Slide

I recently picked up a glass guitar slide and have been playing around with it. I worked through the intro to STP’s Interstate Love Song with my guitar teacher, which was fun and not too taxing. Now I need to find some good ideas of other “easy” slide-based licks or songs.

Glass Slide

When you're too klutzy to cut the top off a bottle: Dunlop!

It’s fun, but I pretty much have no idea what I’m doing, so any tips or suggestions are also welcome!

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2 Responses to Guitar Slide

  1. gtr1ab says:

    Wish I could make some suggestions, but I’m even more of a beginner with slide than you! Looking forward to hearing more about your progress and what you end up learning next.

    • wrongsox says:

      No worries… I will follow-up at some point after I have made some progress with the slide, though it is awfully tempting to ignore it and stick to the stuff I know better!

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